Emergence of Decentralized Venture Capital


Recent trends reveal that more and more individuals are interested in and educated on greater risk and higher reward investments, focused on developing technological initiatives in need of finance. So, it is not unexpected that the old financial ecosystem is being replaced by a more contemporary and flexible investment model.

What is a Decentralized Venture Capital?

Decentralized Venture Capital Funds work similarly to Venture Capital Funds ,which invest privately in promising firms. DVCs are collectives of regular investors that contribute relatively modest sums to cryptocurrency-based funds in order to build a pool that supports these enterprises. To Emphasize, a Decentralized Venture Capital is a pool of funds owned and managed by the community.

Overall, Decentralized Venture Capital fundraising is causing a commotion in the field of startup investment as a result of its incorporation of the fundamental ideas of on-chain transparency and the democratization of initial-stage firm funding. Everyone who is motivated to engage will have access to a big opportunity thanks to the galvanizing power of blockchain technology and decentralized platforms.

Exploring the Types of Decentralized Venture Capital?

The type of openness, open discussion, and investor participation that is available in a DVC investing community are unquestionably distinct from the sole concentration on profits that we are more likely to see in a typical venture capital firm.

So far, the concentration on crypto/digital assets, investing DAOs has become the new venue for seeking deals, meeting business founders, and writing checks. These are all duties that were formerly undertaken by well-heeled venture capitalists who took pleasure in their insider position in the irrespective industries.

Membership in an investment-focused DAO typically requires an initial buy-in in the form of the DAO's governance token. In exchange for this buy-in, members are granted access to private spaces, such as invite-only Discord chats, Telegram groups, or in-person events, where deals can be procured and checks authored.

Additionally, founders may profit from their interactions with the DAO, including obtaining product feedback and guidance from a community of native crypto users. User acceptance and finding a product-market fit are all too familiar hurdles for young cryptocurrency firms, just as they are for their non-cryptocurrency counterparts today.

DVC funds will also be built on personal causes, goals, and hobbies in the near future. DVCs will be established, for instance, to provide financial assistance to promising new firms in the alternative energy sector, businesses owned by members of underrepresented groups, businesses run by women, and businesses focused on regional development. We will see DVCs specializing in particular businesses, like gaming or alternative transportation, and presumably, such DVCs will presumably have investors who have prior expertise in those fields.

Public Price/Public Sale
Project Wise
Token Based
Seedify, Polka starter, Bull Perks, Gamefi , Trust Pad, Etc.
Investment Clubs
Discounted Price/ Pre Sale
Both Centralized& Decentralized
Project Wise
Token Free
Fish DAO, Encrypted Investments, Etc.
Investment Pools
Discounted Price/Pre Sale
Project Wise
Token Based
Gains Associates,Ferrum Network, Global Coin Research, CSP DAO Etc.
Investment DAO
Discounted Price/Pre Sale
Fund Based
Token Based/Free
Belief DAO, OrangeDAO, Syndicate, Stacker Ventures, Etc.

Decentralized Venture Capital versus Traditional Venture Capital?

In general, a group of investors having access to proprietary transaction flow spend considerable amounts of time soliciting and investing money given by accredited investors, typically affluent institutions including endowments, family offices, pension funds, and ultra-high net worth individuals. In parallel, the three key stages that every VC company must do for its investors to succeed have been concentrated in tiny partnerships, which are often based on venture capital land.

In addition, these dynamics were accompanied by an access issue. Large capital pools may lack access to the top fund managers on the ascent. On the other hand, the finest fund managers may have difficulty locating reliable funding sources. When managing a fund, the source of capital is frequently as important as the investments made. 

Ultimately, the emergence of a decentralized VC undermines this connection. Theoretically, it should enable any international cooperative to establish a venture fund. The associated assets are digital, traceable on the blockchain, and their performance is verified. This management strategy for venture capital funds should be superior to the existing, opaque option. Why? To begin with, it makes the venture game more global. This is significant when geo-specific venture investments or specialty topics are involved.

Anyone should be able to develop a DAO-based business, get support from decision-makers, and raise cash. Rather than sourcing cash, they source assets and link them to the labor market. Primarily, DAOs provide several crucial differentiators in the current venture scene.

Examples of Decentralized Venture Capital in the market today

Moving forward, let’s explore the some of the successful decentralized venture capital existing on the market today

Seedify is an incubator and launchpad for blockchain games and gamers. At Seedify, they provide curated Initial Game Offerings (IGOs) through their platform, supporting quality blockchain games reach crowdsourced funding, as well as helping them with community building and marketing, while providing an avenue for our community to get the tokens of upcoming blockchain games before they get listed on exchanges.

Bull Perks is a community-oriented decentralized VC and multichain launchpad. They unleash the power of the blockchain and a decentralized venture fundraising model to offer tremendous opportunities to everyone willing to invest in the best crypto projects on equal terms with VCs. Committed to protecting users, Bull Perks performs rigorous due diligence on all projects to bring only the highest quality deals to the table, generating significant returns for our community members.

GAINS Associates claims to be the World's First Decentralized VC., with over 4 years of experience and several ultra-high return deals. We are removing the barriers of entry to investing and changing the world one deal at a time. Their GAINS token is designed to offer a structural process for individuals interested in crowd sourcing promising new projects. Retail investors will now have access to the same opportunities reserved for accredited high net worth individuals and financial entities.

CSP is a DAO that focuses on investment opportunities that will spark the internet’s next paradigm shift. Through a research-driven and rigorous bottom-up investment process, CSP DAO supports exceptional project teams that are utilizing blockchain technology to usher in the internet’s next architectural shift. They are community-driven and offer fair contribution rights to all investors. Their model gives equally shared allocation to NEBO token holders.

Angel DAO is a popular decentralized platform for venture capital that offers financing, software development, network participation, and community building to various businesses. This decentralized VC  offers venture finance, technical help, and marketing support to projects that encourage global acceptability and technological innovation in distributed systems and decentralized banking.

The Stacker Ventures DAO, oversees decentralized venture funds and active yield vaults, provides checks and balances to fund management, accelerates venture fund portfolio investments through an involved community, syndicates and supports promising projects. The DAO's first venture fund, Fund 1 (SVC001),is an expedited crypto-native fund that invests in promising seed-stage projects and supports them with a community of passionate investors in it for the long term.

A Community based Investment Club, which invites investors to pool and fund projects without any need to hold a token. Fish DAO was formed in April2021 by a team of highly passionate crypto enthusiasts and active members of the blockchain community. Our primary objective is to identify promising projects and highly passionate teams with pioneering ideas and invest in them. Their core objective is to democratize access to early stage investment opportunities to allow the smaller fish to compete with the typical VC.

Orange Fund is a web3 venture fund powered by Orange DAO. Orange DAO exists to support past, present, and aspiring Y Combinator founders who are building the future of the crypto ecosystem. Will distribute; wealth, knowledge, access to power, control over resources, and participation in governance, to a broader group of people than ever before in a more equitable way than any previous system. They write early checks to disruptive crypto companies of tomorrow. Portfolio companies get access to YC alumni, talent network, and the right introductions when you need them, so you can take the fastest path from zero to one.

Syndicate is a web3 decentralized application where anyone can create an investment club with just a click of few buttons. An investment club is a group of people who pool their capital and make investments together. Currently, Syndicate enables you to create Web3 Investment Clubs. Syndicate can also help you create legal entities for your investment club(s).

Closing Thoughts

In the same vein, with a plethora of verticals leveraging the power and flexibility of blockchain development, Decentralized Venture Capital initiatives are transforming the project fundraising paradigm, by rapidly expanding the pool of investors to meet the increasing demand for project capital while simultaneously maximizing yield by offering innovative product diversification ,which leverages established and reputable money markets.

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